Taking Flight – 3 Experts Discuss Aerospace Cybersecurity

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Pressed to share their big idea in less than 7 min, experts will dive into a background of Avionics for security professionals, Electronic Flight Bag security, and a new Space Force acquisition program that puts cybersecurity first. After each big idea, the audience will have 5 min of moderated Q & A to dig deeper.

Amie Wozniak


Project Manager, Nth Degree

Cecilia Marinier


RSA Conference Program Manager, Self Employed

Gabe Mounce

Panelist, Participant

Director, Space Force Accelerators and AFWERX Space Prime Co-Lead, SpaceWERX Innovation Office, United States Space Force

Ken Munro

Panelist, Participant

CEO, Pen Test Partners Inc.

Liz Wilson

Moderator, Participant

Core Volunteer, Aerospace Village

Matthew Martin


Director, Aerospace Village

Nicholas Childs

Panelist, Participant

Technical Sergeant, USAF

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