Executive Programs

RSA Conference takes a holistic approach to elevating and empowering cybersecurity leaders throughout their journey. These programs create a supportive ecosystem where cybersecurity and fraud prevention leaders at every stage of their career can come together, share insights, and learn from one another.

Top Fortune 1000 security executives have been gathering at the RSAC Executive Security Action Forum since 2003. This confidential network facilitates collaborative problem-solving and knowledge exchange.

For CISOs and senior-most security leaders from small and mid-market organizations, this exclusive RSA Conference community offers a confidential space to learn from experts and each other by sharing best practices, experiences, and insights.

This exclusive program tailored to future CISOs poised to assume leadership roles within the next 12-18 months delivers top-tier training, networking opportunities, and hands-on learning experiences led by seasoned CISOs and industry experts.



RSAC International Cybersecurity Forum (ICSF)

This exclusive, closed-door forum gathers top government cybersecurity decision makers and global influencers, and facilitates discussions outside official diplomatic channels to help shape the future of the international cyber landscape.

RSAC eFraud Global Forum (eFG)

This one day, invitation-only, closed-door event brings together senior fraud prevention executives across the fraud ecosystem for a confidential exploration of cutting-edge anti-fraud strategies and insights.

“The (ESAF) agenda is not just a pick of buzz words but very well thought out by working with top notch people in the industry.”

“The combination of strategy and operational discussions at ICSF is invaluable!”

“Personally, eFG is always the best day of the work year.”

“Already forming plans that align with a lot of the key topics discussed at RSAC CISO Boot Camp. The most important is just hearing what works and doesn’t work from leaders in the field at major orgs. Priceless really.”