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Virtual Session: DevSecOps — Whose Job Is It Anyway?

February 22, 2018 @ 1 PM ET

Now more than ever, the notion that security is everyone’s responsibility is starting to resonate across the entire IT team. But responsibility does not equate with ownership, let alone budget. Any project where “everyone is responsible” but no one owns it, and different people pay for it, is doomed. This is the conundrum facing us in DevSecOps.  

For the most part it is still the security team choosing the security tool. But more than ever using DevSecOps tools falls to the Development, Ops and DevOps teams. Whose budget does it come from. In a bit of keystone cop’s comedy, usually everyone points the finger at the other guy to pay for it. This is not a recipe for success. How can we change the fundamentals to make DevSecOps have a higher chance of success? 

In this webinar you will find tangible things you can do in your organization to increase the success of your DevSecOps efforts.

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With the rise of DevSecOps, security is becoming part of the application development process. But who owns it? In February, will be featuring content focused on AppSec, DevOps, and the intersection of the two.




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