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GDPR without the Hype

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets new standards for how organizations acquire, process, and protect personal data. If your organization offers goods or services to people in the EU — irrespective of where you are based — you’ll need to comply with the EU’s GDPR. For an information security professional, this adds additional complexity to how you process data and complete your risk assessments. Despite some of the hype you may have read, compliance with GDPR is pretty straightforward. This virtual session will concentrate on what you need to worry about today so you’re ready by May 2018 when the new regulation takes effect. 

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What do you need to know to be hired in cybersecurity? As a hiring manager, what skills are you looking for? How should you be staffing the teams of the future? In August, will be featuring content focused on professional development.

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Professional Development

Professional Development

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RSAC CyberSafety

While the Internet offers amazing opportunities for kids, it can also be a dangerous place for them. The RSAC CyberSafety: Kids initiative shows industry professionals how they can help make the Internet safer for children. 

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Why Kids Are Online

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