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The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and How to Counter Them – Continued

April 25, 2019 - 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

Continued from RSAC 2019, which are the most dangerous new attack techniques? How do they work? How can you stop them? What’s coming next and how can you prepare? This session features the three people best positioned to provide answers and best able to communicate them: the nation’s top expert/teacher on mobile forensics, the director of the Internet Storm Center and the top hacker exploits expert/teacher in the US.

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Featured Content

Security Strategy & Architecture covers the policy, planning, and evolving areas of enterprise security architecture and the management issues of implementing successful security programs. In April, will be featuring content focused these topics.

Security Strategy

Security Strategy

Book Review

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RSAC 2019 APJ aunch Pad

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Diversity and Inclusion

RSA Conference is about bringing all cybersecurity professionals together and empowering the collective “we” in the industry. We feel passionately about ensuring diversity and inclusivity (D&I) in every aspect of our events. Be the change we want to see and learn more about our 4 Guiding Principles.
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