Cyber Leaders Forum

Where CISOs from small and mid-market organizations forge connections and navigate challenges together.

About the Program

Introducing RSAC Cyber Leaders Forum (CLF), a newly established, invitation-only program tailored for CISOs and senior-most security leaders from small to mid-market organizations. Modeled after the highly successful RSAC Executive Security Action Forum (ESAF), CLF is designed to create a confidential space where participants can share experiences, navigate challenges, and cultivate meaningful connections with trusted peers from organizations of comparable scale. Attendance is reserved for active security-facing CISOs (or equivalent) who meet qualifying criteria.


• CISO or senior-most security leader
• Organization size of 500+ employees (non-Fortune 1000)
• No vendors/suppliers are permitted unless the individual is in a qualified cybersecurity role within the organization
• No sales, marketing, or media permitted

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