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Focus on: Cloud Security & Cloud Sec Ops

Webcast - May 3, 2022

Building Our Cloud Security Leaders of Tomorrow

This webcast will share the professional makeup of the CSA community, the security working groups that define best practices, and the integral role community-driven research plays in building the leaders that will secure our industry.

Shawn Harris

Director, Information Security, Starbucks

Webcast - May 12, 2022

The Metaverse of Vulnerability

This webcast will walk through the history of the metaverses, past incidents, the obvious and non-obvious vulnerabilities, and guidance for being proactive in dealing with the vulnerabilities.

Ira Winkler

Chief Security Architect, Walmart

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In the end, no matter how good your defenses are, you have a determined opponent. Have a contingency plan on how to quickly recover from a successful attack. Periodically simulate a security incident and incorporate lessons learned to reduce the blast radius. Good internal pen testers are worth their weight in company stocks.

Hardeep Singh, Principal Security Architect, Upstart