RSAC 2022 Buzz: Popular Topics

We asked registrants to select the topics of interest that they were most looking forward to exploring at RSAC 2022. Cloud Security & Cloud Sec Ops, Hackers & Threats, and Zero Trust are some that rose to the top. Sessions are now available on demand for Full Conference or Digital Pass holders – and you can still purchase a Digital Pass now. Or check out our library resources for actionable insights.

Popular RSAC 2022 Tracks

Cloud Security & Cloud SecOps

This track includes sessions on the security aspects of using and leveraging cloud services, virtualization technologies/services, segmentation, container technologies, network function virtualization and hybrid architectures.

Hackers & Threats

These sessions include discussions around the growing underground economy, advanced threats, ransomware, cyber weapons, new classes of vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, reverse engineering, and how to combat these problems.

Zero Trust

This track focuses on zero trust as a strategy, exploring what zero trust is and what it isn't. Sessions will cover approaches to implementation, applying zero trust to industrial control systems, and how to use frameworks as a guide for building a zero trust architecture.

More Insights in Our Library

We’ve curated a collection of some of our most popular resources on the topics of Cloud Security & Cloud SecOps, Hackers & Threats and Zero Trust.

How the Best Hackers Learn Their Craft

What goes into the mindset of the world’s best hackers? Find out what over 1.7 million of your peers have already learned in this RSAC 2018 session with David Brumley, CEO of ForAllSecure and former Carnegie Mellon Professor.

Zero Trust Architecture: The Defacto Network Segmentation Approach

Listen in as industry experts discuss Zero Trust, DevSecOps, and Edge Computing and explore how these approaches to customer-centric transformation can help businesses stay competitive.

Confidential Computing in Cloud and Edge

As technology and security threats constantly evolve, developers must be able to run their programs in Trusted Execution Environments effectively. Learn how Confidential Computing can help protect your code and data from modification and disclosure.

Even More from the RSAC 365 Library

Modern Identity Hacking: Have Hackers Really Adjusted to Constant Remote?

Help prepare your organization for the future by learning how hackers attack current authentication protocols and misuse software.

Shift-left! Scanning for Security Compliance from Day Zero

Explore the journey from security policy documentation to scanning and detecting security compliance violations in product infrastructure from the start of the development life cycle.

Making Security Simpler

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the latest on how to make security simpler from a panel of those who know it best.

Cloud Security & Cloud Sec Ops: Trends that Matter Most for 2022

Hear from two members of the Cloud Security & Cloud Sec Ops Program Committee as they discuss trends observed in their selection process for RSA Conference 2022.

Zero Trust: Regaining Trust in a Remote Work World

With Zero Trust tools being used to isolate systems, learn why it is important to rethink the threat model of the remote worker in this RSAC 2021 presentation.

More from the best moments of RSAC 2022.

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