Hot Topics in Cyber Law 2021

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Hot Topics will deliver a practical snapshot of recent developments in cyber policy, law and litigation, introducing emerging topics. ABA SciTech-affiliated attorney-SMEs kick off the annual Law Track with a theme-setting panel on critical emerging legal issues, including supply chain, "trust", elections as critical infrastructure, the return of quantum and the EU's GDPR.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand selected new policy artifacts which will impact a broad element of the ICT practitioner, producer, and consumer communities.
2. Recognize the importance of due diligence as an essential element of ICT transactions.
3. Assess and address data liability risks, especially for artificial intelligence systems, training, and applications.


Michael Aisenberg


Chairman, American Bar Association Information Security Committee

Catherine Barrett


Cyber Policy, Principal, MITRE Corp.

Lucy Thomson


Attorney, Livingston PLLC

Stephen Wu


Shareholder, Silicon Valley Law Group

Law Policy & Government Protecting Data & the Supply Chain Ecosystem Technology Infrastructure & Operations

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