Laboratories of Cyber-Innovation: States Leading the Way

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State governments form the nexus of national efforts to develop a more resilient digital society. A flurry of governors’ executive orders, state legislation and modernization drives show how states are driving innovation. The moderator will ask a diverse group of cyber- and technology experts about their successes, failures and creative approaches to protecting citizens, businesses and institutions.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand why states are important for national cybersecurity efforts.
2: Identify examples of innovative cybersecurity practices in state government.
3: Learn the framework for conducting outreach to state cybersecurity leaders.

David Forscey

Managing Director, Aspen Cybersecurity Group

Deborah Blyth

CISO, State of Colorado

Mike Steinmetz

State Cybersecurity Officer & Principal Homeland Security Advisor, State of Rhode Island

Peter Liebert

State Chief Information Security Officer, California Department of Technology

Shawn Riley

Chief Information Officer, State of North Dakota

Stephanie Helm

Director, MassCyberCenter, Mass Tech Collaborative

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