RSA Conference 2023 Advisory Board Roundtable Part 1

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Mar. 23, 2023 | RSA Conference 2023 Advisory Board Roundtable Part 1

Join members of the RSA Conference Advisory Board for Part 1 of our special, three-part roundtable webcast series. Find out first-hand what will be generating the most buzz at RSAC 2023 and beyond.


What’s Next for the Industry: Critical Infrastructure and Continued Talent Shortages

Our society relies on critical infrastructure, and as cybersecurity professionals it’s our duty to protect and mitigate threats to these enterprises. But a widening gap in the cyber workforce threatens to hinder the industry’s efforts. Why does this gap exist and what can we do to close it? Join this panel of esteemed RSAC Advisory Board experts as they discuss these topics and what the future holds in the industry.

Dawn Cappelli

Director, OT-CERT, Dragos

Kim Jones

Director, Performance Acceleration (CyberCRAFT), Intuit

Laura Koetzle

VP, Group Research Director, Forrester Research

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