RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar: Fraud Prevention (Part 1)

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Panel: Let's Talk Strategy: Breaking Down Siloes Between Fraud and Cyber

How much do cyber and fraud teams collaborate? In many cases, cyber teams usually have broad influence over customer security practices, but don't always involve fraud professionals. Fraud prevention decisions are often made by the product and fraud prevention teams yet rarely involves input from cyber teams. So how do we break down these siloes? Join this panel of experts who will highlight the common ground issues that can bring fraud cyber teams together. Topics covered will include behavioral biometrics, tech scams, customer susceptibility, protection of PII, and best practices for increasing collaboration.

Andy Collins

Fraud Prevention Industry Insights/Industry Relations Executive, Wells Fargo

Willard Hart

Director of Fraud Operations, Robinhood

Kara Suro

Managing Director and Head of Fraud Risk Management, Schwab

Brent Whittington

Cyberfraud Executive Advisor,


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