RSA Conference Marks Cyber-Safety Awareness Month

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Fall. Football season is in full swing. In Northeastern United States, the leaves are changing colors. Kids are back in school. And this October, RSA Conference is taking part in Cybersecurity Awareness month.CyberSafety:Kids #RSAC

As professionals, we talk about privacy and staying safe online every day, but the conversations tend to be in a business context. We discuss ways to make sure our systems are secure, our customer data protected, and employees safe from online adversaries and malware. We don't always get the opportunity to engage with each other on how we keep our families safe and how we teach kids to navigate the digital realm in a smart way. That's our goal this month, to bring to you information about cybersafety and connect you with organizations who work with kids.

Today's kids are growing up connected to the Internet from a young age, and are comfortable learning, playing games, interacting with peers, and expressing themselves on the Internet. While the Internet offers a dazzling array of opportunities, there is also the darker side, including stalking, bullying, and identity theft. Back in April, we kicked off the RSAC CyberSafety: Kids initiative in San Francisco as part of RSA Conference USA. We partnered with organizations already working to help kids be savvy and safe when online such as HackKid and CyberPatriot. Several keynote speakers addressed how security professionals can help train our children to recognize and avoid engaging in risky behaviors online.

To mark the month, we have a series of events planned. First up is the TweetChat on cybersafety on Oct. 15. We also have a “Securing Today's Online Kids” webcast with Lance Spitzner, a fellow at the SANS Institute and director of Securing the Human on Oct. 28. Register now for an engaging discussion on the threats children face online, and the tools available to keep them safe.

Our CyberSafety: Kids page has a lot of videos with experts sharing insights on how they get involved with kids. Check out the volunteer opportunities and see how you can play a part. I'm In. RU?

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