RSAC CyberSafety: Kids


Why We Created This Program

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Technology is an amazing tool that enables our kids to learn, share and develop at an exceptional rate. Together, we can teach children how to be smart and safe while online. This starts with informed, equipped and proactive parents, guardians and educators.

RSA Conference has taken on the mission to become a catalyst for this type of education through its international conference channels, strategic partners and leading digital organizations to create the RSAC CyberSafety: Kids Initiative.

Featured Video

Learn why when it comes to technology – you need to think security. Your interactions with your kids and being an engaged parent, is vital to their online safety and success. 


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CyberSmart Parents Education Seminar Videos

Hear from leading experts and learn how to keep children safe online.

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View our list of cyber safety resources. 

I'm In R U?


Each year at RSA Conference US, we host a seminar for parents, guardians and educators where they can learn tips to protect kids from online dangers. 

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