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Why We Created This Program

Keeping Kids Safe Online

The Internet offers an astounding variety of options for our kids—learning, playing games, interacting with peers and expressing themselves. There can be a downside to all this online activity, however - cyberbullying, predators, identity theft and other threats.

Together, we must teach children how to navigate the Web smartly and safely. RSA Conference has taken on the mission to become a catalyst for this type of education through its international conference channels, strategic partners and leading digital organizations to create the RSAC CyberSafety: Kids initiative.

Browse this site for educational content and volunteer opportunities to see how you can play a part in keeping our kids safe in today’s digital world!

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Learn why when it comes to technology – you need to think security. Your interactions with your kids and being an engaged parent, is vital to their online safety and success. 


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The Internet is a wonderful tool but dangers are always present. Learn how you can become a CyberSmart Parent and help your kids to be safe online.

Resources: View our list of recommended cyber safety
resources and tools.

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CyberSmart Parent Workshop Videos

Hear from leading experts and learn how to keep children safe online.

Top Three Online Threats: What Can Harm Our
Lance Spitzner, SANS Securing the Human

Digital Citizenship - Strategies for Parenting the
"Always-On” Generation
My Digital TAT2, Co-Founders

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