Lieutenant Gustavo Rodriguez

Lieutenant, FBI NY Cyber Task Force, NYPD

Lieutenant Gustavo A. Rodriguez is a member of the New York City Police Departments Intelligence Bureau. He joined the NYPD in 1998. While earning his Master’s Degree in homeland security at the Naval Post Graduate School he penned, “Creating Domestipol: Increasing National Resilience by Reflecting on the NYPD Counter Terrorism Model,” which was awarded the Senator John Warner Homeland Security award. In June of 2011, Lieutenant Rodriguez served in the NYPD’s International Liaison Program as the department representative with the Singapore Police Force. In 2013, Lieutenant Rodriguez was assigned to complete a fellowship at the FBI’s National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force in Washington D.C. Lieutenant Rodriguez is currently assigned to the FBI NY Cyber Task Force, as the NYPD Lead on a Cyber Terrorism Squad.