Developing Policies for the Responsible Use of AI Technologies

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Jul. 21, 2022 | Developing Policies for the Responsible Use of AI Technologies


Do we need a standardized approach to AI governance? As AI technologies evolve, enterprises are trying to understand how to scale adoption while also managing risk and governance. Building trust in AI is a dynamic process, but what is “responsible”? Join this panel of thought leaders from industry, academia, government, and law enforcement who will be discussing the business, social, and human impact of AI technologies and exploring questions around how to navigate adoption while prioritizing responsible.

David Danks

Professor of Data Science & Philosophy, Affiliate Faculty, Computer Science & Engineering, UCSD

Hope Goins

Majority Staff Director, House Homeland Security, US Congress, House Homeland Security Committee

Gustavo Rodriguez

Retired - NYPD Lieutenant, Intelligence Bureau, NYPD

Navrina Singh

Founder and CEO, Credo AI

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Policy & Government

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