Tips for Submission

The Peer2Peer Call for Facilitators is closed.

Notifications for Peer2Peer submissions were sent out in mid-December. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact 

Peer2Peer Tips for Submission

Designed to be a productive discussion, each Peer2Peer (P2P) session requires a facilitator with the ability to deftly ensure that members of the group—a maximum of 25 people—have the chance to hear and be heard as they contribute to the conversation.

Your topic and abstract should ask a question or frame a discussion on which participants can engage. Your topic may cover a wide range of subject matter, including discussions of best practices, current security challenges, new technologies or other top of mind issues for security professionals. You may also lead discussion around a case study of a security challenge or other experience in the field.

Please describe any experience you have facilitating P2P sessions at previous RSA Conferences, or acting as a moderator at other conferences or training programs. Also include relevant experience such as acting as a project lead, team coaching, running brainstorming sessions or other similar activities in your career.

Keep in mind, a P2P session is a discussion, not a presentation, so no PowerPoint or other slide presentations are allowed. In addition, we’re looking for topics that add to the depth of the Conference, not repeat topics already being presented, so “re-packaged” speaker submissions will not be accepted.

Please consider every aspect of your submission. Each item on the online form is important to your potential selection and your proposed presentation. Many of these items are character-restricted and the character count includes spaces. Therefore, save time by ensuring that each item is within the correct character count before going online. Using our offline form is a good way to manage the character counts. 

The best approach is to download the offline form to determine the information you need to provide in advance. We recommend that you first fill in the form offline, and then copy and paste your responses into the online submission form. This option is the best approach to avoid losing your valuable work and information.

Two ways P2P facilitators will engage with the Conference:

  1. Complete an email interview with the RSA Conference editor pre-Conference that previews the discussion as well as topics attendees should ponder before they come to the session.
  2. Post-conference, write a short blog summing up the discussion and next steps identified by participants. (An example is here.)

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