Annual Roundtable with RSA Conference 2019 Advisory Board

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February 13, 2019 | Annual Roundtable with RSA Conference 2019 Advisory Board

The theme for this year’s Conference is “Better” but are we actually getting better? This topic will feature prominently in San Francisco in March. To get you ready, you’re invited to join the RSAC Advisory Board as they preview the Conference by discussing some of the key challenges facing cybersecurity, including:

1) DevSecOps – What does implementation look like and how can the transition be more seamless?

2) Cloud Security – What lessons can it teach us about improved security?

3) Cyber’s War Paradigm Problem – Are there better analogies than war to use when talking about security?

4) Identity – We often conflate identity and authentication; are we getting better at either?

5) Security Due Diligence – What are the new challenges and risk factors resulting from M&A and divestitures

6) Threat Intelligence – We share information about threats, but not real intelligence. How would real threat intelligence change the industry?

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Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy Officer, Cobalt

Ed Skoudis

President, SANS Technology Institute

Kim Jones

Managing Director, Ursus Worldwide

Laura Koetzle

Vice President, Group Director, Forrester

Todd Inskeep

Founder & Executive Cyber Advisor, Incovate Solutions

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