The Cryptographers’ Panel

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Each year the founders and leaders of the cryptography field take the RSA Conference keynote stage to debate and discuss the most pressing issues facing the cybersecurity industry and our increasingly digital society. And each year, the stakes seem to drive higher; 2020 promises to deliver discussions around election security, individual privacy and the security of digital systems in the future. Join this year’s panel to see what’s top of mind in 2020.

Adi Shamir

Borman Professor of Computer Science, The Weizmann Institute, Israel

Arvind Narayanan

Associate Professor of Comupter Science, Princeton University

Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan

Chief Digital Officer, RSA

Ronald Rivest

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tal Rabin

Head of Research, Algorand Foundation

Whitfield Diffie

Cryptographer and Security Expert, Cryptomathic

quantum computing cryptography


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