Data Ethics and Privacy Engineering in Cybersecurity (Session Viewing Point)

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What is data ethics? How can we use data ethics, company values, and stakeholder and societal expectations to fuel privacy engineering and create better security products? The panelists will share their vision of a world in which data ethics and privacy engineering are the norm and discuss use cases and takeaways from their experience as privacy leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

Pre-Requisites: General understanding of privacy engineering.

Interested? We have you covered! This popular session will also be overflowed in The Session Viewing Point, West Level 2 Room 2004.

Hilary Wandall


SVP of Privacy Intelligence, TrustArc

Lourdes Turrecha


Founder and CEO, The Rise of Privacy Tech

Michelle Dennedy


CEO and Partner, Zen Data Privacy, Inc. and Privatus & Stealthy Privacy

Human Element Privacy Business Perspectives

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