Cybercrime 2020: Predicting the Year Ahead—Including the Encryption Debate!

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This panel of experts—UC Berkeley Law Professor Orin Kerr, former State Department Cyber Coordinator Christopher Painter, former Assistant Attorney General for DOJ’s National Security Division David Kris and former Los Angeles US Attorney Eileen Decker—will cover hot topics in cybercrime—both from US and international perspectives, including the encryption debate.

Pre-Requisites: Some familiarity with basic cryptography concepts would be helpful. Some acquaintance with criminal procedure would be helpful, but not necessary.
Eileen Decker


, USC Gould School of Law

Orin Kerr


Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley

David Kris


Founder and Partner, Culper Partners

Andrew Levchuk


Principal, Andrew Levchuk, Counsellor at Law, LLC

Chris Painter


President , The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

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