Cyber-Litigation 2020: Recent Cases in the Courts and Agencies

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Attendees will be briefed on a number of the most recent and impactful Supreme Court and Federal Circuit court decisions and supporting fact patterns, along with pending agency decisions likely to result in litigation. Cases from areas including cyber-insurance, cyber-conflict, encryption controls for national security purposes and tech-based border searches will fill this year’s docket.

Pre-Requisites: No formal legal training or experience required, but maximum benefit will be derived by attendees who understand both the facts leading to the disputes and the legal concepts being discussed. General familiarity with concepts such as "contract" "agreement" "warranty" "and the substantive issue in each case, such as encryption tools will make participation more meaningful.

Richard Aldrich


Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance Analyst, Booz, Allen, Hamilton

Julie Bowen


SVP, Operations & Outreach, Chief Legal Officer, The MITRE Corp.

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