Public Interest Tech in Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is at the epicenter of the ongoing technological transformation of human society. Here, code can dictate large-scale outcomes across privacy, security, and human health and wellbeing. What does it mean to do public interest tech work in Silicon Valley from both corporate and nonprofit perspectives? How can technologists become forces for the public interest within their own organizations?

Learning Objectives:
1: Hear about the range of SV orgs—public/private/nonprofit—positioned to impact public interest.
2: Understand the tensions at play between business models, philosophies and stakeholder interests.
3: Learn about employee activism and other models of symbiosis between employment and citizenship.
Mitchell Baker


Chairwoman, Mozilla Corporation

Cindy Cohn


Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Shannon Vallor


AI Ethicist and Visiting Researcher, Google

Security Strategy & Architecture

security awareness practitioner perspectives privacy government regulations ethics data security



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