Blockchain Anchored Swap Meet: A Mock Trial

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Trades-R-Us brokers trades of items—a house for a thoroughbred horse, a horse for a yacht… It’s a global high-end swap meet. Brokers act as intermediaries between parties to arrange trades of items. Can the legal requirement for a writing be met with a recording that is the client’s authenticated identity’s electronic signature based on a voice print and on a trusted timestamp using blockchain?

Learning Objectives:
1: Explore if a recording using a voice print for an electronic signature can be a legal writing.
2: Understand if voiceprints are robust enough to resist forgery.
3: Explore if blockchain can provide fine enough granularity for a trusted timestamp service.

General understanding of electronic signatures, timestamps and blockchain.

April Doss


Executive Director, Institute for Technology Law & Policy at Georgetown Law

Serge Jorgensen


Founding Partner/CTO, Sylint Group

Hoyt L. Kesterson II


Security & Risk Architect, CNC Consulting

Steven Teppler


Chief Cybersecurity/Legal Officer, Mandelbaum Barrett PC

Brian Tsuchida


Chief United States Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Western District of Washington

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