Awareness at Scale: Creating Risk-Aware Cultures in Big Companies

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Getting employees to take their annual security awareness training is hard at any company. But imagine how hard it is to run a multifaceted, multimedia awareness program for thousands or millions of employees spread across the globe, often not even sharing a common language. That’s security awareness at scale—and it’s got challenges and triumphs our panelists are eager to explore.

Learning Objectives:
1: Identify key objectives that should guide an awareness program.
2: Identify key pitfalls that derail programs and some strategies to avoid them.
3: Consider the measurable metrics you will use to communicate program success.

Deborah Walter

Manager, Information Security Training and Awareness, AmerisourceBergen

Ellen Powers

Information Security Awareness Strategist, Manager, Intel Corporation

Kemi Okutubo

Senior Information Security Manager, International Monetary Fund

Tom Pendergast

Chief Learning Officer, MediaPro

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