Managing and Measuring Your Security Program Using the Cyber-Defense Matrix

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The Cyber-Defense Matrix (CDM) was unveiled at RSA in 2016 to help practitioners organize security technologies. This session will show several new use cases of the CDM, including how to measure the efficacy and coverage of controls, align them against emerging threats and requirements, and manage your security program through design patterns that emerge from the use of the CDM.

Learning Objectives:
1: Gain a fuller understanding of the entire space of cybersecurity.
2: Learn how to organize your full portfolio aligned against threats to spot gaps.
3: Compare security value and business impact to manage risk and prioritize investments.
Ryan Bowling


Information Security Innovation, Bank of America

Andrea Weisberger


Security Innovation Evaluation Team Leader, Bank of America

Sounil Yu


CISO and Head of Research, JupiterOne

Security Strategy & Architecture

data security endpoint security insider threats network security application security



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