Cyber-Litigation 2018: Recent Cyber-Cases in Federal Courts and Agencies

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The lead briefer for DoD’s annual two-day update of key cases and appeals on cybersecurity and other IT/IP issues will provide functional rapid-fire summaries of critical aspects of these court and regulatory decisions impacting companies in the cybersecurity sector. No prior legal expertise required. Attendees will learn actionable issues and findings of recent—sometimes unpublished—cases.

Learning Objectives:
1: Get a snapshot of most essential, most recent cases impacting the cyber-community.
2: Become more familiar with the impact of law on cyber-business conduct.
3: Obtain pointers to further research on both discussed and other cases.
Richard Aldrich


Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance Analyst, Booz, Allen, Hamilton/DOD OSD

Julie Bowen


SVP, Operations & Outreach, Chief Legal Officer, The MITRE Corp.

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