Calculated Risk—How AI is Rewiring Business, Law and Security

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This session will examine how AI can and will infringe on personal privacy and security right now, in the next stage of growth including IoT data and government data collection, and in the long run when AI and data intrusion eliminate anonymity. The speaker will analyze how law and code may slow and shape this process, and how criminal/hostile parties may exploit AI analysis of personal data.

Learning Objectives:
1: Explore the privacy and security dangers of artificial intelligence.
2: Understand the law and rules that could be enacted to limit the dangers of AI.
3: Learn how legal and technical limitations may protect individuals from AI.

Michael Troncoso

Managing Counsel, Health Sciences / Cybersecurity Counsel, University of California

Stephen Wu

Shareholder, Silicon Valley Law Group

Theodore Claypoole

Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson


behavioral analytics law privacy risk vulnerability assessment artificial intelligence & machine learning



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