A Call To (H)arms: The Cry for Harmonization of Security and Privacy Laws

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This panel will explain why current legal and regulatory regimes don’t work, and why a radically redesigned process is required. A new “quantum policy” using a “multi-stakeholder model,” which has successfully harmonized other competing and inconsistent global systems, can create more understandable, adaptable and responsive systems, which will better achieve privacy and security objectives.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn about the failure/futility of current inconsistent privacy and security regimes
2: Learn about new “Quantum Policy” and the “Multi-Stakeholder model” for harmonization.
3: Understand why now is the time for harmonization action

April Doss


Executive Director, Institute for Technology Law & Policy at Georgetown Law

Ralph Poore


X9F1 Vice Chair, X9 Financial Services

William Rogers


Partner, Prince Lobel Tye LLC

Charles Wood


Attorney and Security/Privacy Consultant, InfoSecurity Infrastructure, Inc.

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