Securing Diversity: Women in Cybersecurity

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One of our most critical national security issues is the negative unemployment we face in our industry, and yet we are regressive when it comes to diversity. We need diversity to solve the problem. This inaugural seminar explores the power—and opportunity—of women in security, as individuals and as part of effective teams. Members of our community come at these realities with different perspectives, reflected by our energizing and provocative seminar sessions, which feature a range of accomplished women at various points in their careers, exploring how they got there and the power of diversity (gender and generational) to really lead us into achieving the ultimate cyber-workforce of the future. This seminar is appropriate for all of our attendees, offering a great start to the week with strong content and networking opportunities.

Allison Miller

Product Manager, Security & Privacy, Google

Dr. Chenxi Wang

General Partner, Rain Capital

Jennifer Minella

Founder and Principal Advisor on Enterprise Security Architecture, Viszen Security

Jennifer Steffens

CEO, IOActive, Inc.

Mischel Kwon


Rachael Skillman

Computer Engineer, Intern

Uma Gupta

Author, Speaker, and Professor,

Valerie Plame

Former Covert CIA Operations Officer and Author, VEW, LLC

Security Strategy & Architecture Business Perspectives


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