RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar: Analytics, Intelligence & Response

September 9, 2021

Four sessions, one topic: Analytics, Intelligence & Response.

This free virtual seminar moderated by VP of Cybersecurity at Target, Jodie Kautt, consists of four sessions which take a deep dive into breaking dark web barriers, network-based threat hunting, XDR and more.

The four sessions are split into two parts. Each part is approximately one hour followed by 20–25 minutes of Q&A with the speakers.

Breaking Dark Web Barriers
To understand the Dark Web, you need to realize that cybercrime dwells everywhere, and the bad guys use mainstream tools to communicate, store their data, and commit their crimes. In 2021 the black markets are overwhelmed with data for sale. New rules and exploitation techniques get traded and weaponized within hours. Let’s take a look at how to strengthen our defenses now and going forward.

Presenter: Alex Holden, CISO, Hold Security, LLC

Network-Based Threat Hunting: Elevating Threat Hunting to the Cloud

With hybrid cloud environments, remote users, and a perimeter that is all but gone, threats actors cannot be stopped by legacy strategies. This session will take a new research-based approach to threat hunting. We will combine secure strategy with networking and security, looking at how to merge data from disjointed intelligence feeds, analyze network behavior and utilize statistical models for prioritization. The outcome is not a static signature or identification of a specific threat – the outcome is a model to identify many different threats.

Presenter: Etay Maor, Senior Director, Security Strategy, Cato Networks

Q&A with Speakers
Enabling Response at the Speed of Threat

As threats continue to proliferate, keeping pace with the escalating dangers and increasing speed of malicious actors and their ability to pivot and adapt has meant an ever more urgent need to evolve in our ability to rapidly detect and quickly resolve those threats. To that end, Target has invested heavily in maturing the tooling that supports incident response. This custom tooling ecosystem is designed to automate and streamline wherever possible, enabling incident response to keep pace by automating many elements of the investigation and response process. In the process, we have created an environment that has led to a copious number of innovations in threat detection and response. This talk will describe our approach and some of the capabilities we have built.

Presenter: Chris Carlson, Director Technology – CyberDev & Engineering, Target

XDR Defined: Giving Meaning to Extended Detection and Response

The term “extended detection and response” (XDR) was coined back in 2018, but definitions continue to vary significantly. In this session, we address the elephant in the room: defining XDR. Based on months of research interviewing practitioners, security vendors, and leaders in the field, Forrester Analyst Allie Mellen explains how XDR looks to transform the SOC and change the way we approach detection and response. Join to learn what XDR is, how it differs from existing solutions, and what benefits and drawbacks it may bring to security teams.

Presenter: Allie Mellen, Analyst, Security and Risk, Forrester Research

Q&A with Speakers
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