Five Truisms of Internet Security That Apply to the Broader World

Bruce Schneier, CTO IBM Resilient & Special Advisor to IBM Security, presents a compelling argument about the regulations needed for IoT in his talk at RSAC 2017. He argues that when software permeates every aspect of our lives, everything becomes a computer. This leads to computer security becoming ""everything security."" Our immediate security threats are greater as a result -- cyber threats are now real-world threats. We're creating an internet that senses, thinks and acts. In essence, together we are creating a world-size robot without even realizing it. We have largely left computer security to the market. This is changing as the effects of the failures are now too great.

Five truisms of Internet security that we need to take to the broader world:
1 - Most software is poorly written and insecure.
2 - The extensibility of computerized systems means that everything can be used against us.
3 - The complexity of computerized systems result in new insecurities.
4 - There are new vulnerabilities in the inter-connections.
5 - Computers and networks are vulnerable in different ways.

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Bruce Schneier Fellow and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

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