Evaluating AI- and ML-Based Security Products

With endless AI or machine learning product claims, buyers are left bewildered with how to test these claims. It falls to independent third-party test organizations to develop and update traditional test protocols to test and validate AI and ML product capability claims. This panel will tackle the key issues that third-party testing must address to validate AI and ML security products.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn to identify gaps in traditional testing approaches for AI/ML-based products.
2: Explore new approaches for testing AI/ML products.
3: Hear arguments for standards bodies and test organizations to upgrade test approaches.



Anup Ghosh Founder and CEO, Invincea


Chad Skipper VP Competitive Intelligence and Product Testing, Cylance


Liam Randall President, Critical Stack, A Division of Capital One


Mike Spanbauer Vice President of Research and Strategy, NSS Labs

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