Security Hygiene Gets a Refresh in the Wake of Baltimore's Cyberattack

The City of Baltimore’s recent ransomware incident not only caught government servers by surprise. It also jolted the industry as a stark reminder that cyberattacks can still occur where and when they’re least expected. Not the most comforting prospect—but are there constructive takeaways to be gleaned in the aftermath?

Helping us uncover these silver linings are Duo Security’s Wendy Nather and Lares’s Andrew Hay. Some of the topics to be covered in this podcast include:

• How the Center for Internet Security’s Top 20 Critical Security Controls remains an effective guide for preventing cyberattacks—regardless of a company’s security budget

• The importance of educating all employees on the need for good cyber hygiene habits

• Taking a first-responder approach to dealing with a cyberattack, such as immediately bolstering IT staff

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Wendy Nather Head, Advisory CISOs, Duo Security (now Cisco)


Andrew Hay Chief Operating Officer, LARES


Britta Glade Director, Content and Curation, RSA Conference


Dr Hugh Thompson Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference

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