The Instrumental Role of Technology in the Cyber-Epoch

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Information is the currency in today’s world. Companies are understanding that a new approach is needed when it comes to providing assurance that sensitive data will be protected to fight cybersecurity threats. Organizations around the globe are embracing a new vision that will become the foundation for tomorrow. This is the need of a shift in perception. We need to move from technology risk to enterprise risk. A new beginning. A new dawn. Enterprises are moving from what once was a domain of technology to a new reality; that, at the end of the day, what really matters is mitigating the risk appetite of the company as a whole. 

By attending this session, insights will be gained on how to provide value for the business, through technology, in a changing security landscape. The attendee will be able to discover new angles for engaging with the business and provide communication channels and reporting methods to protect the two most important assets for a company: people and information. Knowledge will be shared in the area of metrics and indicators that provide tangible value, in business terms, for the C-level suite. This is the very much needed new dimension. From technology risk to enterprise risk: a new beginning.

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