Inside Recent Insider Attacks

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April 08, 2021 | Inside Recent Insider Attacks


2020 was the year that several high-profile organizations including Twitter, Tesla, and Shopify announced that insiders attempted to do everything from poison fleets of automated cars to steal customer transaction records. This webcast will describe the technical mechanisms that insiders have circumvented in past insider breaches, as well as the psychological profile of insiders. Join us for guidance on technical countermeasures that can help detect insiders that may turn malicious, as well as how to screen for personality characteristics that may indicate a potential new hire or employee might be risky.

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This webcast is sponsored by Code42. Code42 is the Insider Risk Management leader. Native to the cloud, Code42 Incydr rapidly detects data loss, leak, theft and sabotage as well as speeds incident response. 

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Dr. Neil Daswani

Co-Director of the Stanford Advanced Security Certification program & President, Daswani Enterprises

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