Assessing Site Security, Privacy Practices and Data Stewardship in 1,200 Websites

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The Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll is the de facto standard for recognizing excellence in online consumer protection, data security and responsible privacy practices. In its 10th annual audit of more than 1,200 predominantly consumer-facing websites, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) revealed record findings in many areas, including:

  • the largest single year-to-year jump and overall Honor Roll achievement (52% to 70%)
  • the highest levels of email authentication adoption (76% support SPF and DKIM at the top-level domain)
  • the highest levels of Internet encryption (73% use opportunistic TLS for email and 93% encrypt all sessions to their website)

But there are also some concerning trends, such as most organizations scoring less than 50% on the privacy policy portion of the audit. Improving security and privacy is a collective responsibility for all stakeholders, and we each need to fulfill our part to maintain trust in the Internet.

In this session, we’ll explore the good, the bad and the insecure, and the best practices that will ultimately help provide an open, trustworthy and secure Internet for everyone. 

Jeff Wilbur

Director, Online Trust Alliance Initiative, Internet Society

Privacy Business Perspectives


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