RSA Conference 2023 Advisory Board Roundtable Part 3

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Apr. 5, 2023 | RSA Conference 2023 Advisory Board Roundtable Part 3


In the final part of our three-part roundtable series, we sit down with two more RSAC Advisory Board panelists to discuss cybersecurity's human element and what they are doing to prepare for RSAC 2023.


Exploring the Human Element in Cybersecurity

There are so many different challenges that organizations across all sectors face, but one common thread that transcends all of them is the human element. Hear from our expert RSAC Advisory Board panel as they share their unique perspectives on the evolution of humans in security and how social media is quickly becoming the source of misinformation for teens and young adults. Plus, hear which sessions the panel is most excited about for RSAC 2023.

Wade Baker

Partner and Co-Founder, Cyentia Institute

Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy Officer, Cobalt

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