Balancing Bio Implant Digital Needs with Security

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Aug. 18, 2022 | Balancing Bio Implant Digital Needs with Security

Implanted medical devices, pacemakers, insulin pumps and other embedded IoT systems, are proliferating. At the same time there is a growing generation of people choosing to embed technology. Standards in this space are still in their infancy, both coming from NIST and also ENISA. Whether people have a medical need or chose to embed IoT devices into their bodies, there is a trade off that has never been more real: human bodily need versus the cybersecurity capabilities protecting the systems and the data. In this webcast we’ll look at just how real the risks are, what we can and should be doing to manage these, as well as what we can expect in the future.

Greg Day

VP & Global Field CISO, Cybereason

Nicole Little

Senior Manager, DMED Security & Governance, Disney

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