The Cybersecurity Canon: Must-Reads

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Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks
Tom Field, Vice President of Editorial Information Security Media Group

Rick Howard, CSO of Palo Alto Networks, has a new idea for security pros: the cybersecurity canon of books every cyber pro must read at least once in their careers. Which titles make the list?

In fact, it's not just a book list. Howard also has a list of best cyber-hack movies ever, and he has new ideas for growing the security profession.

In a video interview recorded at RSA 2014, Howard discusses:

Titles in the cyber canon;
His choice for top hacker film;
How to focus on turning around the current staffing crisis.

Howard is the Palo Alto Networks Chief Security Officer. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, Howard was the TASC Chief Information Security Officer, where he managed the security of both the classified and unclassified TASC networks. Howard also led the Verisign iDefense Cyber Security Intelligence business as the GM and Intelligence Director in charge of a multinational network of security experts who delivered cybersecurity intelligence products to Fortune 500 companies. He also led the intelligence-gathering activities at Counterpane Internet Security and ran Counterpane's global network of Security Operations Centers.

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