Securing the Post PC World

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As security professionals, we are already challenged when dealing with the sheer volume and complexity of threats targeting our existing environments – let alone what some of the major innovations in IT such as cloud and mobility are bringing. Yet, most industry analysts are predicting that the traditional "PC" world is a thing of the past and we must prepare now to manage these "new" risks. The traditional patchwork to security solutions and the management complexity it brings is no longer a viable approach. Instead, organisations need to invest in the appropriate security capabilities to provide them with a balanced level of visibility, awareness, protection and agility. This will allow security to align and contribute towards achieving the organisation's overall business objectives. During this presentation, we will share how organisations can build an end-to-end capability to secure users, applications, platforms and the network. Key highlights will include: How can an organisation build a more comprehensive platform of visibility? What's the best way of moving from security silos to a single pane of awareness? What are the comprehensive ways of applying protection to areas such as mobility, users, cloud and critical applications in the data centre? How can the organisation achieve the most agility – which capabilities should it retain and which should it selectively source? Filled with case studies, practical lessons and fresh approaches to security management, this session will confirm that "hope" is no longer a strategy.

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