Risk Management in F1--Team Work & Technology at 350 kph

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For two-time Formula One World Champion Mika Hakkinen the quest to succeed in this high speed, high technology sport requires an equal emphasis on the management of risk and high performance. Risk comes in many forms, and the most obvious risk associated with Formula One concerns the physical safety of the drivers who compete wheel-to-wheel at 350kph. For the teams tasked with designing, manufacturing and developing Formula One vehicles leading edge performance requires world class system design and operation such that safety, quality and reliability are central pillars of performance. Leading teams such as McLaren employ over 800 staff on their Formula One project, 90% of whom do not ever attend an event, being engaged year-round in creating the technology solutions which are deployed in the racing environment. Using full vehicle connectivity, however, a driver racing in Japan or Malaysia has both his car and personal performance monitored and managed real-time using encrypted data acquisition and analysis. This provides the team with the ability to examine anomalies and the agility to reconfigure systems and strategies in the heat of battle. For the driver at the epicenter of this data-driven environment the challenge is inherently complex. Armed with the correct tools and functionality, however, he or she can deliver world class performance assisted by a team ranging from data scientists on the other side of the world to trackside support teams which can deliver pits stops in under 2 seconds.

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