Reading the Tea Leaves of the RSAC Submissions

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What are information security professionals interested in learning more about? What keeps CISOs awake at night? Where is the information security industry headed? The answer to these questions—and others—are buried in the speaker and panel submissions RSA Conference received for the 2015 conference. 

Join Hugh Thompson and Britta Glade as they dig into the common themes emerging from RSA Conference 2015 speaker submissions. Everyone is concerned about the threat environment, and that corresponds with a significant jump in submissions for hackers and threats track. 

This talk steps security professionals through trending topics and insights into the big questions of the day, including:

  • An analysis of trending topics emerging from RSA Conference's call for speakers.
  • An overview of the industry’s maturity on analytics, threat-sharing, and cloud.
  • A explanation of how these trends map to overall trends for 2014.
  • A discussion of where the industry is headed in 2015.

Listen as they correlate speaker themes to broader industry trends.  For example, 2014 was clearly the year of retail hacking, and a significant number of submissions focused on point-of-sale malware. 

Download the presentation deck.

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