Mapping RSA Conference Speaker Submissions to Security Market Trends

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The Call for Speakers process for RSA Conference 2016 is on track to receive well over 2,000 submissions this year. Within the words of these submissions lies some interesting data that maps to what’s on practitioners’ minds, concerns among law and policy makers, where VCs want to place bets, and how both new and established vendors are attacking the market. Collectively viewed, the submissions represent an opportunity to consider key short and long term issues in the security marketplace from a micro and macro perspective.

Join Hugh Thompson and Britta Glade as they dig into the common themes emerging from RSA Conference 2016 speaker submissions. This talk steps security professionals through trending topics and insights, including:

  • An analysis of trending topics emerging from RSA Conference's call for speakers.
  • A explanation of how these trends map to overall trends for 2015.
  • A discussion of where the industry is headed in 2016 and beyond.

Listen as they correlate speaker themes to broader industry trends and provide insight into key sessions and themes of note to look out for at RSA Conference 2016.

View the presentation slides.

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