Looking Into 2015: The InfoSec Checklist

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The modern information security professional has to juggle threats and risks coming from multiple directions. Information Security Forum’s Steve Durbin discusses the key emerging security threats for 2015 and how information security professionals should focus their time and energy this year. 

This webcast covers the following topics:

  • Cybercrime: Cyber-criminals are increasingly collaborating amongst themselves and exhibiting a greater degree of technical competency than previously expected. What does this mean for you?
  • Privacy: We are seeing increasing plans for regulation around the collection, storage and use of information. How does this affect your organization?
  • Supply chain: Attackers will continue to pressure third-party providers. Information security specialists should work closely with those in charge of contracting for serves to conduct due diligence on potential arrangements.
  • Employees: Going beyond just security awareness to actually engaging with people for better security controls.
  • BYoX: It’s no longer BYOD…it’s Bring Your Everything!

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