CSA AI Summit at RSAC

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The CSA AI Summit focuses on the intersection of AI and Cloud to deliver critical tools and best practices necessary to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the most consequential technology ever introduced: Artificial Intelligence. This is the don’t miss event that brings together influential AI and cloud providers, security experts, and innovators to help navigate these unprecedented challenges. This content is brought to you by Cloud Security Alliance. Open to all pass types. Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with Cloud Security Alliance.

8:00 AM Panel Discussion: Navigating Uncharted Territory with CSA Startups
9:00 AM Welcome | Jim Reavis, CEO, Cloud Security Alliance and Illena Armstrong, President of Cloud Security Alliance     
9:05 AM Fireside Chat with Kevin Mandia and Phil Venables of Google Cloud | Kevin Mandia, Mandiant, Chief Executive Officer, Google Cloud and Phil Venables, Chief Information Security Officer, Google Cloud
9:35 AM AI/ML and Zero Trust: Driving Business Success | Jay Chaudhry
10:05 AM Building Trust in AI: Proactive Safeguards for Responsible GenAI Adoption | Rehan Jalil
10:25 AM How AI will help us be more secure | Caleb Sima, Chair for AI Safety Initiative, Cloud Security Alliance
10:45 AM Elevate Your Game with CrowdStrike and Bring AI Innovation to Your Cloud Detection and Response | Cristian Rodriguez
11:05 AM AI Shake Up: The Future Risks and Opportunities with AI in Software Development | Glen Pendley & Vincent Gilcreest
11:35 AM Cybersecurity Strategy for the C-level | Pete Chronis, Erin Essenmacher, Subra Kumaraswamy, Larry Whiteside Jr.
12:05 PM Secure AI Transformation: What We Can Do Now and in the Future | Efim Hudis
Afternoon Agenda
12:25 PM Lunch 
1:00 PM Securing The Cloud: Taking Back The Attacker's Mindset | Chris Hosking
1:20 PM Integrating GenAI into Cloud Security Solutions | Galit Lubetzky, Tim Chase, John Yeoh
1:50 PM Fireside Chat | Caleb Sima, Lisa Einstein
2:15 PM Harnessing AI for End-to-End Cloud Security: From Development to Runtime | Nayeem Islam
2:35 PM Fireside Chat with Richard A. Clarke and an Industry Leader | Richard A. Clarke
3:00 PM Final Thoughts | Elad Yoran

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