RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase: Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management – in partnership with YL Ventures


November 17, 2021 at 9:00 AM PT, 12:00 PM ET


Join us at the RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase – a monthly virtual program designed to highlight innovation in cybersecurity. On November 17th, the focus is Third Party Risk Management (TPRM).

A panel of experts discuss the highs and lows of TPRM:

  • What are our main obstacles to effective TPRM programs?
  • What lessons do we still need to implement from high-profile attacks like SolarWinds and Kaseya?
  • Outside of TPRM solutions, how else can we keep our organizations safe from third-party risk?

The panel hears from two up and coming companies in the TPRM space:

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