Exploring the Crucial Role of Collaboration in Cybersecurity

June 21, 2023 | 9:00 AM ET in Innovation Showcases

Join us at the June RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase – a monthly virtual program designed to highlight innovation in cybersecurity. On June 21, a panel of experts focus on the need for collaboration in cybersecurity. A panel of experts discuss:

  • Cyber collaboration among vendors, the enterprise and community
  • Creating a system of record for cybersecurity
  • Cyber collaboration within DevSecOps

The panel hears from two up and coming companies in the cybersecurity product space:

Hosted in partnership with:


Ernie Bio

Managing Director, Forgepoint Capital

John Bruns

CISO, Anomali

Jocelyn Byrne Houle

Sr. Director Product Management, Securiti

Tony Surak

Chief Marketing Officer, DataTribe