SCADA and Me

Posted on by Ben Rothke

When is the right time to talk to your kids about SCADA?  According to the new book SCADA and Me, the time is now.

The book bills itself as a book for children and management.   Truth be told, that is a hard, if not impossible combination to write for. 

The reality is that SCADA is not child’s play.  The underlying theme of the book is that SCADA is critical to our national infrastructure and that it’s ineffectively secured.  Those two things are something nearly everyone can agree on.

Written by Robert Lee and effectively illustrated by Jeff Haas, the book is cute and presents its message in a non-threatening way.   Its 26 pages can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

A book like Corduroy is one kids will want read to them over and over again.  But while the message in SCADA and Me is critical, I don’t think kids will be begging for a second reading.

As to management, leaving this book on a desk for management to read might be perceived as insulting.  But then again, our insecure SCADA infrastructure shouldn’t be left that way because management couldn’t comprehend ideas expressed in a children’s book.


Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Manager, Tapad

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