RSAC Unplugged 2019 Bangkok & Thailand Cybersecurity Week

Posted on by Britta Glade

At RSA Conference, we are committed to connecting the cybersecurity community with the people and information it needs to help make organizations and individuals more secure. We know there is power in sharing and learning from one another, growing networks and working together to make the world a safer place. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with ETDA (Electronic Transactions Development Agency) to bring RSAC Unplugged to Bangkok this Thursday as part of Thailand Cybersecurity 2019, an event whose mission is to empower critical organizations to stay ahead of growing cyber threats while strengthening collaboration between the public and private sectors to support Thailand’s digital transformation. 

As the Director of Content and Curation for RSA Conference, I have the pleasure of getting to design an impactful day of content that is pure and simple in its goal: maximize cybersecurity learnings from the brightest industry minds. It’s a super fun, deeply engaging day. There is no expo and there aren’t multiple tracks to pick from—we’re all together learning, networking and focusing on the content in one room together with sessions that build upon one another, offering actionable, specific guidance based on experience for our participants. 

For RSAC Unplugged Bangkok, we worked with ETDA to design a program to meet the focused needs of their community and complement the overall Thailand Cybersecurity 2019 week with a program geared toward an experienced executive audience. I’ve worked closely with our speakers over the past few months to hone presentations and I can confidently promise that this week’s content will be impactful. We have five focused sessions planned for the day, which will begin with a kickoff from our host, Surangkana Wayuparb, President & CEO, ETDA. 

Anup B Kumar, Senior Regional Investigator – Asia, at Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit will present on the Cyberthreat Landscape in Thailand and the Asia Pacific Region. By focusing the day on the unique threats and challenges in the region, Anup will help frame up the day and focus us on the most pressing threats in the region. In a unique and very visual way he’ll take our audience through a review of near- and long-term threats, helping us to explore the interconnectedness of organizations. In a world of growing third party relationships and supply chain dependencies, across international borders, there are changing areas of concern that Anup will highlight and recommend specific actions to be taken, drawing on the unique and impactful research of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit. 

David Lewis, Global Advisory CISO at Cisco Systems will follow with a presentation focused on Operational and Architectural Opportunities to Better Secure Businesses. David will start at a strategic level, helping attendees focus on how new operational and architectural approaches can help organizations to positively impact security postures. He’ll share several specific case studies that illustrate success organizations are achieving, examining zero trust, cloud, and digital transformation, among others, sharing tangible do’s and don’ts and lessons learned. As an aside—from my vantage point as the master curator for RSA Conference—I can promise that no presentation by David is ever boring…he’s sure to be entertaining and memorable! 

Our day will then delve into the world of privacy—and all of the policies emerging around it—because, well, security and privacy are forever comingled at this point. Jeffrey Blatt, Of Counsel at Tilleke & Gibbins International, will take us through a highly informative presentation on Who Owns Your Digital Breadcrumbs? He’ll explore current and emerging policies and government access and commercial use of data, helping attendees understand the ongoing stream of unique digital breadcrumbs that we each create daily which can be used to uniquely identify us. Who owns these breadcrumbs varies by country, and control options and responsibilities, as individuals and organizations, will be explored as we think about short- and longer-term implications to all of the data being generated. 

Following a networking lunch, Leonard Kleinman, Chief Cyber Security Advisor Asia Pacific Japan at RSA will present a demo-heavy view of Understanding the Threats to Intelligently Defend: OSINT. This very visual, information packed session will take participants into the growing threat landscape and showcase open source, freely available tools and techniques that participants can utilize to identify and respond to threats. In step-by-step fashion, Len will present a risk-centered framework that organizations, large and small, can implement to help them analyze and react to threats. 

Our presentations conclude with Tithirat Siripattanalert, Chief Information Security Office and Chief Data Officer at True Digital Group, sharing direct knowledge and experience from the trenches-- Detection & Response: Building Effective SOC Operations. As a SOC expert and seasoned C-level executive, Tithirat’s perspective will be incredibly valuable as she shares a wealth of technical, process and personnel considerations organizations should use when evaluating the role of a SOC. She’ll provide clear cut guidance on getting started, with actionable specifics that will be of value to all in attendance. 

Every RSAC Unplugged I curate is like a puzzle, identifying the right topics for the region, the right depth for the audience we’ll gather, the right experts to meet the needs of the participants we’ll have in the room and the right framing of action-oriented content to positively impact our attendees. It involves research, lots of conversations, and a wonderful opportunity to connect with passionate experts from across the globe. I’m honored to be able to be part of what I know will be a great day for all of us in Bangkok. ETDA will be streaming the day and copies of presentations will also be available online so if you won’t be there in person, you are welcome to join us remotely as we work together as a community to make the world a safer place.

Britta Glade

Vice President, Content & Curation, RSA Conference

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