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RSA Conference Asia Pacific Japan 2015 kicks off its first day of sessions Thursday morning. These speakers and sessions have been carefully curated because they provide a regional perspective to major security issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.RSAC APJ

There are plenty of sessions providing strategic security insights, such as Zulfikar Ramzan discussing strategic incident response planning in You’ve Done Everything Right, and Still There’s a Breach. Now What? on the Cyber Investigation and Law Enforcement track. There are tactical talks, such as the one looking at Security Risks in SDN and Other New Software Apps on the Security Infrastructure track. If you are looking for insights specific to operating in Asia-Pacific, check out the Migration of Malware - APAC Targeting Threats by George Tubin and Tal Darsan from IBM Security in the Threats and Threat Actors track. They will discuss latest tools customized to target Asia-based companies and take a look at emerging global threats to better understand what malware techniques are heading to Asia.

Another region-specific session, also on the Threats and Threat Actors track, is the session titled Nation State & Hacktivist Attacks: Targeted Hits on Asian Organizations by FireEye’s Grady Summers. FireEye will share latest research about types of companies targeted and techniques being used by nation state and hacktivist actors in Asia. The Evolution of Cyber Attacks on Australian Banks on the Cyber Investigation and Law Enforcement track provides insights into financial crimes against Australian banks with Paul Nankervis and Stephen McCombie from RSA.

Proofpoint’s Sen Huang and and Wayne Huang will be discussing APT Actors in New Ways of Emerging APT Actors: India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Indonesia, as part of the Threats and Threat Actors track. If you are looking for a different perspective on security, Dr. Tobias Feakin of the ASPI International Cyber Policy Centre will be Unpacking Asia-Pacific Cyber Maturity on the Cyber Investigation and Law Enforcement track. He will be drawing on examples from Australia, China, and India to explore how a governments and businesses can get a grip on the region, learn how to plug in, and improve opportunities for engagement.

Keynotes begin after lunch, with Zak Ebrahim speaking on The Terrorist’s Son – A Story of Choice. If you haven’t heard him speak before, you are in for a treat. Munawar Hossain, Director of Product Management for Data Center Security and Content Security at Cisco Systems will look ahead with a talk on Securing the Next-Generation Data Center, followed by Nathan Shuchami, Head of Threat Prevention, Check Point Software Technologies, discusses CPU-level sandboxes in Detection of Advanced Attacks with a CPU Level Sandbox Technology.

While not specifically tied to the region, you will get some great insights in Hot Topics in Privacy: A Conversation with Privacy Leaders on the Cloud and Data Security track, and The Psychology of InfoSec on the Governance and Risk Management track.

The Expo floor is open again. Make sure to check out some of the booths, and stop by the Social Lounge to charge up your electronic devices and get to meet speakers and your peers. Ben Doyle, long-time Program Committee Member for RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan answers questions about how this event has evolved over the years, followed by Mike McConnell and Christopher Ling, who will discuss their “What Do You Do When the Alarm Sounds? Managing Cyber Crises” session. After the keynote, Zak Ebrahim will sign copies of his book, The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice. If you have questions about FIDO Alliance and the future of passwords, come listen to Kayvan Alikhani and Salah Machani talk about their session “Does FIDO really usher the Death of Passwords?”

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