On deceptive email I get from VeriSign

Posted on by Ben Rothke

VeriSign has long touted themselves as the company of trust.  It is pervasive in their advertising, marketing literature, and in their corporate mission statements

Yet for years, VeriSign has been sending marketing emails that are deceptive. 

Note the email I just got with the subject: Give us 4 minutes, we'll give you a 4GB USB flash drive.  That sounds like a pretty reasonable offer, and one would expect a company like VeriSign to live up to their word. 

Yet when one opens the email, it contains the same disclaimer that other VeriSign bait and switch emails have - for the first 200 to respond

In the world of deceptive emails, this is trivial.  

In the world of deceptive emails from companies that are supposed to be the bastion of trust and confidence, is undermines who they claim to be. 

VeriSign has always noted that trust needs to be end to end.  

What they don’t seem to understand, is that includes marketing and advertising practices.

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Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Manager, Tapad

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